Ivan Mucic, Painter & Decorator, Ivanhoe, Vic, Aust

Heath’s mindful, open-minded and genuine approach established a very safe and comfortable environment in which we were able to explore and resolve the fears, frustrations and limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a state of anxiety and depression. The breakthrough sessions were fast paced, as were the results. Heath’s vast toolkit opened me up to a new world of unlimited potential both in experience and perception. Our time together set an amazing change in motion and picked up a great momentum that I still experience today!

It was a pleasure working with Agent of Change; I have a deep gratitude and utmost respect for Heath and his work. I highly recommend his services.

Sharon Knighton, Business Owner, Carnegie

I arranged a Life Coaching appointment with Heath to assist me with some motivational issues I was having around setting up a new business. I had felt for a long time that there was something subconsciously holding me back from achieving everything I knew I could achieve and I wasn’t sure what it was. During my meeting with Heath he was able to facilitate NLP with me and he addressed the issues that I felt I was having. There were definitely blockages in my past and some fears around success and failure. Somehow Heath managed to draw all of these fears out and address them one by one. I still don’t know what he did exactly but a few weeks later I was off and running and I haven’t stopped since.

Andrew Webster, Director, Brunswick

Heath connected with deep rapport and good level of understanding very quickly; this enabled us to maximise our coaching sessions and achieve more than I thought we could. He was able to push me where I needed it which amplified the coaching experience. I would highly recommend Heath for those seeking to scale their personal and professional life skills up to the next level.

Harpal Dhillon, Medical Student, Epping

Heath Myers has completely transformed my life in the short space of 6 weeks. I participated in his 6 Session Personal Break-Through Package where I was able to overcome previously insurmountable obstacles alongside developing a far greater relationship with myself. As a flow on consequnce my relationships with other people have blossomed. Heath is professional, genuine and at times laugh out loud funny! If it’s success that you’re after, Heath Myers is your man.

Kyra Watts, Direct Sales Consultant, North Fitzroy

Before I came to see Heath I was fed up with quick-fix answers to my attitude and depressive behaviours. I had been thrown on anti depressants and tried talking to a psychologist but it just wasn’t for me. When I heard of life coaching I was a little sceptical but I researched Heath and he seemed like the best person for the job. His approach to facing issues in my every day life was just what I needed. I learnt to look at my life more clearly and am now living a much more rewarding life free of medication. I couldn’t be happier, thank you Heath.

Eleanor Tilzey, Project Manager, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Much gratitude Heath. I truly appreciate the wonderful connection of events that both led to and unfolded after my life coaching session with you. As a result I am now embracing a whole new experience of creativity, joy, love, and happiness that I previously thought impossible. A great big heartfelt thank you for being the talented and powerful catalyst you were in my time of need.

Alison Nurthen, Learning and Development, Bundoora, Vic, Aust

This year I have completed Inner Essence Foundation Program and Inner Essence Explored as well as a number of personal sessions with Heath, and feel blessed to have met him. Heath has an extraordinary way of connecting honestly and openly with people with the genuine intention of opening people up to the truth within themselves.

What I respect and appreciate about Heath is the way he can make broad and complex concepts practical; he deeply understands his content and is therefore able to teach with simplicity. I have enjoyed learning how to integrate the information learned in practical ways in my life, and with Heath’s encouragement, find my own ways of expressing the practice.

Heath teaches with integrity; modelling his message constantly.

It’s been a most valuable life investment working with Heath, and a lot of fun too.

Thank you for sharing your kind spirit; I’ll miss the classes.

Michael Impey, Data Analyst, Glen Huntly, Victoria, Australia

Though initially really not knowing what to expect, and being a little sceptical, I was soon convinced that Heaths methods would work for me, and felt I was about to experience something pretty incredible. With Heaths guidance, I have released and unloaded early life decisions that were binding me to repeat past experiences, and I now feel free to consciously choose a whole new future. The results I’ve been rewarded with are an understanding and a clarity that will enrich the rest of my life. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Heath, his methods and services.

Jo Penny, Insurance Broker, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia

Heath used some amazingly powerful NLP techniques to put me into a state of being in which I could access and align conflicting parts of myself which were holding me back from success. I was able to access and change my perception of important events in my past and hence redirect and control my future. I have experienced more mental and physical change over the few weeks following our sessions than I have over the past few years. A life-changing experience! Heath’s coaching was perfect, he truly is a masterful Agent of Change.

Sri Elkins, Carlton North, Victoria, Australia

By the time I went to see Heath, about a persistent skin condition that had caused me considerable physical discomfort and intense mental upset for over two years, I had seen numerous dermatologists and complimentary medicine practitioners – to no avail. I was without answers and at a complete loss as to how to move forward. The combination of techniques that Heath chose, along with his warm, genuinely caring and invested manner, assisted me in breaking through to the root causes of the ‘problem’ and to my release of it. I no longer experience any physical discomfort, and have a completely re-framed and positive view of my self, free of the pain and upset I carried with me for so long before. I have no hesitation in recommending Heath and his methods to anyone desiring a positive change and re-alignment of ‘problems’ in their life.