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Part 3: Say “Yes” to Your Self


Say Yes and Find Your Bliss

Within your emotions lies a great deal of bliss and ecstasy.

By simply allowing all emotional sensations to be experienced you open yourself up to the opportunity to sit in that bliss.

Everything you feel is valid, whether your mind has decided it is good or bad, it is simply an expression of your Self and therefore a gateway into experiencing all of who and what you are.

Sensations arise and fall continuously and when we meet them with full awareness, presence and acceptance they transform, evolve and move rapidly towards wholeness and joy. As we meet them with a smile and the vibrational gesture of “Yes” they move greater fluidity and heighten into more pleasant sensations, until eventually they reveal themselves to be nothing but bliss.

Simply put, meeting yourself in bliss is saying “Yes” to your experience.

As saying “Yes” becomes the newly formed pattern of relating to your inner realm it also becomes your natural response to your outer physical realm. Meeting yourself in joy leads to more readily meeting others the same way, eventually creating a positive feedback loop with great momentum.

This understanding and how it feels is just the beginning. What lies within the deepening of this practice is the great mystery you have come here to embrace. Forget about what this means to you and just be present with how it feels. Go to those feelings and keep accepting them regardless of how hard it may seem, just keep saying “Yes”, with anticipation as to what you might discover as you further explore your Inner Essence.

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