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Part 2: Say “Yes” to Your Self

Our True Nature, Resistance is Futile

Our true nature is resolve, wholeness, perfection, potential and joy, and our emotions are a vehicle through which to experience this.

Everything about us is always moving closer, and intently, towards balance, grace and ease, because this is our default or natural state.

Physically, emotionally and mentally we naturally move from disease to ease without any coercion, in fact that’s when we move the best. Trying too hard to solve or control how we feel about emotions can become a struggle and is resistance to accepting ourselves and ‘what is’.

When the sensation of resistance becomes embroiled in the heightened experience of whirling mental energy, feeling and emotions, the process of finding resolve becomes really difficult and eventually confusing. The mind tries everything it has in order to control the experience but has no option other than to finally surrender. In this moment all that has been held onto relaxes and is permitted the opportunity to flow in the direction of its natural order, that being ease. Even if ease has not been felt yet, just the simple act of relaxing and moving towards it can bring profound relief and aid in the process of resonating at the emotional frequencies of calm, contentment and then eventually happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy.

What this suggests is that our unconscious mind and higher consciousness are ready to rapidly respond to our needs, taking us directly to resolve. All we have to do is step aside, surrender and acknowledge our emotions as signifiers of a larger healing process.

When we surrender the effort and finally accept that resolve is where we are gracefully heading, we become a part of that resolve and quickly find balance and relief.

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