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for Inner Essence Level 1 Graduates Only


Deepen your Inner Essence experience

Get more out of your practice in less time

Explore the free unlimited expression of your True Self


What is Inner Essence Explored?

Inner Essence Explored is the Level 2 advanced progression of the Inner Essence practice.Free Adv Prac Reg Button

You will learn:

  • how to connect deeply with the ‘free Spirit’ you are
  • new advanced content and themes
  • new advanced meditations
  • new advanced modifications to the practice
  • how to powerfully condense your Inner Essence practice for enhanced results and increased use

No matter how much you have engaged with the practice, if you have graduated from Level 1 you are definitely ready for Level 2. It’s advanced but in many ways it simplifies the practice.

It’s also an opportunity to connect with other advanced participants and utilise the greatly amplified group energy to deepen your practice and enhance the richness of your experience.

I’ve just finished Level 2 and what an incredible experience. It’s one of the best things in life I’ve done. Sara Merckel L2


What is the Inner Essence 7 Minute Integrated Practice?

After years of application and experimenting, I have managed to distill Inner Essence into a highly developed routine that is near the core of the Inner Essence combined system.

The Integrated Practice is an abridged flowing routine of the key Inner Essence postures and anchors that will deliver great results in just 7 minutes.

From participating in Level 1 you will already know just how powerfully grounding, balancing and energising the Inner Essence forms are. The new Integrated Practice easily brings together everything you’ve learnt and places even greater focus on specific key postures and the anchors (mudras) already inherent in the practice. This gives you the ability to start practicing an intensified abridged form.Free Adv Prac Reg Button

The Integrated Practice is totally new and is a vital key for taking your personal practice, your awakening and your consciousness expansion to a whole new level.

This has been an experience like no other. Totally unique. Each week I was literally blown away. Heath has tailored this to exactly what the group needs. Thank you Heath. Saffron Tremback L2

What are the NEW Advanced Practices?

NEW Meditations to connect even deeper with your Self…

  • The Microcosmic Orbit ‘Mind Alignment Meditation’ Practice (aligning unconscious, conscious and higher conscious minds within the body)
  • ‘The 5 Minds Meditation’ Practice (alignment, balance and grounding)
  • The ‘Heart Integration Meditation’ Practice (for deeper personal integration and further enhancing wholeness)

NEW Movement to enhance your therapeutic experience, to amplify your resource anchors and to generate ‘peak states’…

  • Physical Field Chi Gong (advanced modification and powerful enhancement to The 13 Articulations)
  • Free-Form Emotional Field Chi Gong (additional ‘free-form’ practice to The 5 Tibetan Rites – this is a real key in the new practice)
  • NEW 7-Minute Integrated Practice (abridged flowing form of key postures and anchors including the new modifications)

 The Inner Essence advanced movements are a one-of-a-kind. Feel the results and be the best you can be. Livy Italiano L2

What are the NEW Advanced Content Themes?4 Phases of Exploring Your Inner Essence

‘The 4 Phases of Self Exploration’

The program is delivered over 8 weeks, with each instalment encompassing another phase of self exploration with consciousness-expanding content. On the weeks in between we will have Practice Intensives where you will receive more detailed explanations of the practice and have extra time in class to explore the new forms.

Each phase plays an important part in the cycle of further embodying the practice and aligning with your True Self.

Once again the phases will become themes of intention for each week as you progress through the program.

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The Intention

  • The intention of the program is to assist you in further embodying higher states of consciousness
  • To encourage the experience of your own personalised free-form movement
  • To ensure that you adopt the practice into your daily routine by getting to the core of it

Heath Phot Contact me longer


  • Further Integration of the practice into your daily routine
  • Further Integration of higher states of consciousness into your daily life
  • Further Integration and embodiment of True Self-Consciousness into your physical experience

Be A Part of A Growing Community

The people attracted to the program share a common purpose and path. We all have a strong connection and a shared understanding. What this means is that we can now explore even deeper than before.


Returning in 2016



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