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Inner Resources: The Ability to Expand Possibility


All we are and all we need is within each of us.

Everything you are in this moment is the culmination of all that you have experienced in your existence.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, in this moment, you are everything known and unknown that has come before you including all of your experiences, influences, environmental conditioning and genetic lineage. In fact you are also the result of the evolution of society, of human kind and nature itself, right the way through the eons of creation all the way back to beginning of the universe. All of this has lead to you being here right now. In this moment you are the sum total of your Being and all Being-ness.

The human experience is so vast and rich it is beyond the complete comprehension of the conscious mind, yet unconsciously, higher consciously, in all humans, every collective and individual experience and their subjective perspectives, are stored like a vast pool of immeasurable light and information waiting to be accessed further by you.

If you take a moment to contemplate this concept, it becomes very apparent just how much potential you have and represent in every and any given moment. The secret to embodying that potential is to live in the rich fullness of who and what you are in truth, to literally live in your highest Truth, rather than being bound by the limitations that you may have lead yourself to believe you are.

This may seem overwhelming and a lot of possibility to contemplate.

The most important thing to recognise is that deep within the great mystery of you, there is incredible potential and some seriously phenomenal inner resources and gifts.

Whilst one way to utilise these inner resources is by consciously accessing our memories, associating into our past as if it were now, it is not the only way to tap into the higher resources at our disposal. The key to accessing the deeper genetic and super collective fields of consciousness is to be totally open, trust, focus your intent, and then get right out of our own way, transcending the critical faculty of the conscious mind and its perceived limitations of your true capacity.

The Inner Essence program will help you expand your possibilities and naturally awaken those resources, allowing you the opportunity to safely call forward into your conscious experience, what you need most right now, either consciously or unconsciously, whenever it is desired, required or appropriate.

All you have to do is let go and get out of the way of your Self.

Agent Heath



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