Agent of Change Goes to Burning Man: Manufacturing Nostalgia

I’m very happy to announce that Agent of Change has been selected to speak at the Burning Man Center Camp Cafe Speaker Series for 2013!

This years theme is “Manufacturing Nostalgia” and speakers from all over the world have been accepted to speak on a variety of topics and subject matters under this broad, curious theme.

Please allow me to share with you my short thesis on which I will speak.

We Are Nostalgia

Nostalgia is both the longing for the past to be present in its full magnificence, and the act of recreating that which has come before us. It is the essence and foundation of human experience and expression.

Nostalgia is not something manufactured, it is something that already exists within us all.

Behind our identities, behaviors and values, and beyond our beliefs, attitudes and personal stories, exists our True Self – the truth of who and what we are. Behind the veil of our awareness is an unconditioned, ever-expansive, omnipresent, pure consciousness that has been there since the beginning of human existence. We experience nostalgia in that very moment we open our eyes to this world, through that pure consciousness. As we grow and evolve this pure consciousness reveals and realizes itself even further.

On a personal level we are the sum total of all of the life experiences that have come before us in our present lifetime and ancestrally, all the way back to beginning of life itself.

We are individually and collectively the expression of one ancient original idea stemming from the beginning of time, when from nothing came everything and consciousness was born.

The act of aligning our awareness with this timeless consciousness of True Self, is nostalgic. In doing so, we permit ourselves the opportunity to consciously feel nostalgia, to sense it and anchor it into our physical experience. It could be said that awakening to and appreciating the feeling of nostalgia, is connection with the human spirit itself, because it requires us to look within ourselves towards the source of our intention, inspiration and creativity.

 To contemplate the infiniteness of the great mystery of True Self, beyond the conditions and judgment of the mind, is perhaps one of the most nostalgic experiences possible.

It is a process that facilitates connection with spirit and is, as we know it, simply ‘being’.

Acting from this place of being present invites connection with pure creativity and joy in the moment, which may seem like a utopian way to be. However, through one’s personal perspective of True Self, it is indeed a very real and practicable phenomenon, not solely achieved through meditation. In this practice we realize that nostalgia is not something bought, owned or manufactured, it is simply fundamental to who we really are.

Join transformational facilitator Heath Myers, Agent of Change, as he leads a practical presentation and an ‘imaginative feeling experiment’ connecting deeply with the physical sensation and presence of your True Self, your Inner Essence.

I look forward to sharing more details on my return.

Agent Heath



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