What is your Inner Essence?

Your Inner Essence is the fabric your being.

It is the ever flowing, dynamic, internal force that gives life, inspires, guides, motivates and propels you; yet is also the infinite silence, peace and stillness at the very centre of your being. It is the unexplainable core of our spiritual existence that allows us the experience of its majestic nature and phenomenal being, through the radiant physical paradigm of life.

Your Inner Essence is something very personal to you.

It has no word or accurately translatable explanation because it is beyond language, it is a feeling that’s totally unique and personal to every individualised sentient expression of life in this universe. It is beyond mind and therefore cannot be controlled, understood, explained, measured, owned, created, given, bought or sold, for it just “Is”.

Yet it can be felt.

It can be experienced.

It can be brought further and deeper into your conscious awareness as a silent yet observable presence in your outer world.

Its presence is contagious and its revelation within you vibrationally calls it forward in others.

It is an awakening of the Truth for yourself and others.

Connecting with my Inner Essence has revealed to me a deeper understanding of who I am and allowed me to become comfortable with the great mystery of what that is, whilst being open to its magic.

In practical terms, through connecting with my Inner Essence I have vastly improved my relationship with myself and others and have found a momentum in life with inexhaustible energy, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, drive and confidence. I feel more present with every moment and sense the presence that I bring to my relationships and community.

I have drawn into my creation amazing friends and relationships, a wonderfully loving twin-flame wife, and exciting career opportunities and experiences that are perfectly aligned with my hearts true desires. I have also revealed to myself the deep sense of gratitude that allows this to be so in my reality.

I feel and speak the silent language of my soul and I experience unity with all things. This helps me to serve and connect with the world around me and also helps me to feel more comfortable, secure and supported in the world. I still face challenges, have a lot to learn and need to make changes but I feel guided, held and self assured in that journey and those processes.

Most importantly I am open to, and know with greater clarity every day, what my purpose is, why I am here. I feel as though I am on a life path with an exciting outcome even though I don’t know what that is.

It is my purpose to help people connect with their Inner Essence, their True Presence and that’s why I am writing this. I trust that these words have aided you in the process.


Agent Heath



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