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Values are what’s most important to you, they are what you are motivated by and toward. They are different from abstract qualities and idealic ‘states of being’ like love, peace, freedom etc, in that they are tangible actions, activities and pursuits.

Knowing your Values brings a greater level of self-appreciation and self-knowledge and thereby assists you to put your true power into action. It helps you form an internal compass for direction, decisions and prioritisation in life.

Rewarding your Values allows you to feel fulfilled and nourished.

To live by your Values is to live an inspired and motivated life driven by a sense of purpose and achievement.

Understanding Values helps you understand why you, and others, are the way you are. It assists you to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

The purpose of this activity is for you to discover your highest values as a means of achieving your desired results for change, growth and development from Agent of Change Life Coaching Melbourne.

Simply follow the below instructions and the activity should take you approximately 30 minutes. Please complete it in one sitting – do not leave your computer or refresh the page as you may lose your answers. When it’s complete you will be taken to a confirmation page and will also receive a confirmation email containing your results.

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The Agent of Change Values Discovery Method™

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