The Power of Presence

The contemporary Mayan Astrologer, Ian Xel Lungold, referred to consciousness as ‘the awareness of being aware’. I deeply appreciate this definition and would like to extend his sentiment even further by saying that presence is the feeling, energy and vibration of that ‘awareness’.

We often discuss presence in terms of what an individual brings to the moment. We say that someone has presence when they reveal character, charisma, self-assurance, self-confidence or a strength of personality in their behaviour and being. We may feel, sense or describe this as an ‘aura’. Perhaps people who seem to have presence actually do exert a magnified energetic field or aura. Whether this is true or not when those with a ‘big presence’ enter our space, we as sensitive beings, feel and acknowledge them more so, even if just unconsciously.

Each and every one of us has our own perception and expression of consciousness and thereby our own level of self-awareness. If we choose so, self-awareness can be something that we are always building and expanding as we mature, gain wisdom and experience life, allowing ourselves an even broader glimpse of who and what we are in our individual expressions of being. As our self-awareness expands, our sense of consciousness can heighten and we  become more present in our own reality. This expression of increased, enhanced or, shall I say, higher consciousness, immediately brings with it a sense of greater presence. This is optimal when it is balanced with humility, allowing the opportunity for love, power and wisdom to flow freely through the personality.

In order to positively improve our self-awareness and thereby heighten our level of consciousness, it may serve us well to develop an enhanced sense of personal focus and self-discipline. It is also important to engage in practices that allow us to open ourselves to concepts of being greater than what we once thought were true. In fact, self-awareness is, in a sense, the pursuit of personal truth beyond the boundary conditions of our thoughts, beliefs, identities, patterns, strategies and egoic agendas. For me it is being open like a child to what I don’t know about myself and embracing the great mystery and revelation of who and what I am in a practical day-to-day fashion, so I can experience my presence for the benefit of myself, others and the world around me.

For thousands of years, chi enhancement and spiritual development exercises like chi gong, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance, martial arts and healing arts, have proven to be pathways to becoming enlightened as to the truth of our highest potential as human beings. Why? Because they challenge and open us further to having an expanded awareness of ourselves and our potential. They literally open and connect energetic channels and circuits in the body. They stimulate the organs and the energy centres and enhance our relationship between our mind and body. They also aid in the formation of the neurological pathways necessary to support our potential for growth as tangibly realised in the physical realm. For this reason, most of these exercises form the basis of the Inner Essence Program.

You don’t have to be a master of any form in order to become self-aware and connect with your Inner Essence but you may very well become one on the way to doing so. Your Inner Essence is your truth, your Spirit, the unexplainable, unconditional force at the centre of your creation and being. It is the energy and signature that you present and re-present continually in your life to yourself and others, and its expression in your body and personality is your presence.


Agent Heath



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