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Part 1: Say “Yes” to Your Self



Each and every one of us is searching for resolve, yearning to be understood and desiring to be accepted. That yearning is an expression of our truth wishing to surface, wishing to reveal itself and to be acknowledged. The act of acknowledging our truth is the point at which we move into total acceptance.

Deep within our emotional body, we experience the sensation of Spirit, surfacing as emotions, sensations, feelings that we choose to acknowledge as either fear or love. 

This is our experience of Self, however, we do not always choose to accept it. We have been taught to resist ourselves, to shy away from pleasure, to push away our pain and in doing so, have chosen to deny our physical experience and the nature of our True Self.

So what would happen if we simply said “Yes”, to all that we are?

Energy in Motion = E-Motion

Emotion is the creative energy that moves within us. The stirrings of our original creative forces being received in the physical conscious experience of our Grand Unified Self. Emotions are vibrational translations of our intentional Source energy, allowing us the opportunity to experience the great unfolding of Spirit in relationship to our life.

Emotions are different from feelings in that they have no condition.

Emotions are neither bad nor good, they are unlimited, unconditioned energies that reveal themselves in the physical. Feelings are the emotions conditioned by the mind. They are mental attributions, values, measurements, summations and expressions of emotional energy and how our mind perceives emotions to feel.

The moment that the mental body wraps itself around the pure experience of emotion, feelings surface into duality as either bad or good, happy or sad, fear or love etc. The mind at this point has potential to engulf the emotion even further with a story, a belief, a decision or a memory. Before you know it, something as pure as emotion can become an issue, a drama or even lifelong baggage, magnetising experiences that highlight it even more, until it is finally accepted, learned from and permitted to flow, all stories aside.

The idea is to let the emotional energy move, for movement is it’s nature. When it moves it flows and makes way for the next wave of emotional, intentional, spiritual energy to surface within the physical experience. The great thing is that this is so easy, in fact the easiest thing you can do is just let it be. Emotional energy knows where its going, it’s aware of its vector and our job is to allow it a smooth path to travel so as to be expressed and experienced unhindered by our minds conditioning.

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