Results Maximiser Agreement

What Agent of Change promises:

  • High quality facilitation
  • 4 x 90-minute group online coaching sessions
  • Provision of awesome conferencing and coaching technology
  • Email support within the program dates
  • A program manual
  • A major shift in the way you set and achieve your goals

What you promise:

  • To be present
  • ‘Play full-out’ and apply yourself in all process activities and techniques
  • To be honest with yourself, have some fun and be sure to complete any home-play tasks set for you
  • Hold yourself accountable to getting results
  • To put all of the learnings and insights gained from the coaching sessions into responsible action for yourself
  • To pay in full regardless of how many sessions you attend and what payment method you accept
  • To provide written feedback at the end of the program

Refund Policy:

  • There is a refund policy however Heath doesn’t believe in giving incentives to not attend or not succeed so here’s how it works…
    • If you ‘play full-out’, meaning you a) attend every coaching session on time from start to finish, b) do all the homeplay and prep activities, c) interact and ask question in the program, and d) utilise email support during the program; and don’t get the tools, awareness and shift you’re looking for, Heath will give you a FREE online coaching session to make sure you do
    • If after that you still don’t get the tools, awareness and shift you were seeking he’ll refund your cash. Pretty fair wouldn’t you say?
    • To qualify you must ‘play full-out’ (steps a to d) in order to have your refund request considered

Disclaimer :

  • Transformational therapies are exciting, fun and motivational, though please acknowledge that at times the processes may present themselves as personally challenging and that there may be occasions on which you may feel emotional or tired afterwards.
  • You agree not to hold AOC liable for any potential loss or cost incurred by you (or any other person or organisation related to you) in the event of any unforeseen circumstances caused by personal challenges stemming from the coaching sessions, either directly or indirectly.