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Before we discuss the benefits of engaging a Life Coach let me ask you a question.

You want to be living life to the fullest, yes?

Whether personal or professional you want to be taking steps forward,
getting results,
having meaningful relationships and
feeling good about yourself.
Am I right?

But there’s that THING.
That behavior pattern,
those thoughts and feelings,
that challenge, that problem, that obstacle
that development area,
that old story that keeps on revealing itself in your work,
in your relationships, your family and your social life.

AND…it’s not going away on its own.

Let’s call it your BLOCK.
We all have at least one. It stands between where you are now and where you want to be.

You’ve either tried all sorts of approaches to overcoming your BLOCK,
or you’ve tried nothing.

Either way, it’s still there holding you back from experiencing the rewarding and fulfilling life that you want.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a Melbourne Life Coach with extensive experience and a track record of success.

I offer face-to-face coaching for locals, and Skype/phone coaching for interstate and overseas clients.

To me your BLOCK is a golden piece of information because it indicates your specific needs for development and POSITIVE CHANGE.

Your BLOCK excites me because it represents an awesome opportunity for your growth.

How you overcome, transform and move through your BLOCK is not by having someone merely solve your problems or give you pop-psychology advice.

Your need more than that.

You need to be motivated and empowered with life changing tools and a whole new way of thinking and feeling.


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Book your FREE Results Roadmap™ Coaching Strategy Session

This 30 minute 1:1 coaching call will allow you to ask all the questions you need to find out how coaching works. You will also receive a solid strategic plan for making positive change and getting great results.

The time I’ve spent with Heath has changed my life. Where I used to be confined, afraid, blocked and perpetually over thinking, I now feel limitless, open, calm, inquisitive and joyful. The outcomes from this life coaching are priceless.

Chris Loci, IT Manager, Northcote
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Heath’s capacity to help you achieve tangible results and build an exceptional mindset makes him a standout practitioner.

Karyn M, Organisational Development Coordinator, Melbourne
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What are the BENEFITS and RESULTS of Life Coaching?


Master your Mindset Life Coach

Mindset Mastery

Develop a mindset for success. Think like an achiever. Cultivate your qualities and know your strengths. Nourish your thoughts and excel in life.

Follow your Purpose compass with Life Coach Melbourne

Know your Purpose 

Find your direction and give your life more meaning. Discover your passion, your vocation, your ideal profession and maybe even your mission in life.

Discover Self belief with Melbourne Life Coach


Increase your confidence, potential and sense of possibility. Clear core limiting beliefs and programs of self-sabotage, unworthiness and self-doubt.

Embrace Behaviour Change with Life Coaching Melbourne

Behaviour Change

Understand drivers for behavior, actions and words. Make new empowered choices and take practical steps to enact real change. Release addictions and habits.

Emotional Breakthrough Life Coaching Melbourne

Emotional Breakthrough 

Clear limiting emotional experiences once and for all. Let go of depression, anxiety, core fears, phobias, grief, trauma and negative family patterning.

Develop Self Awareness with Melbourne Life Coaching


Understand and know yourself. Enhance your awareness, attention, intention, clarity and focus. Learn mindfulness and live life more consciously.

Discover your Values and Ideals with Life Coaching Melbourne

Motivation & Goal Setting 

Discover your values and what motivates you. Take practical actions to fulfill yourself based on your what’s important to you. Set and achieve exquisite goals.

Experience Resourcefulness with Agent of Change


Realise you have and are all you need to achieve what you want. Learn to access emotional, mental and physical resources whenever you require.

Learn Self Acceptance with Life Coaching


Resolve internal conflicts. Learn to love yourself beyond reason. Get aligned with your heart’s desires. Become your own best friend (and coach!).

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Before I came to Heath I was fed up trying to find answers to my negative attitude and depressive behavior. His unique approach was just what I needed. I released limiting beliefs that were holding me back and learnt to put negative emotional experiences behind me. I have developed mindset and emotional tools necessary to live a rewarding life. I couldn’t be happier with the service and the outcome. Thank you Heath.

Kyra Watts, Sales Consultant, North Fitzroy      read more


Specialised coaching methodsA coach will give you keys for a better life.

With over 14 years practitioner experience Agent of Change Life Coaching Melbourne has developed a unique transformational system of modalities. The coaching combines and specialises in…

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Values based coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Family and relationship systemics
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Holistic counseling

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Heath’s vast toolkit opened me up to a new world of unlimited potential both in experience and perception. Our time together set an amazing change in motion and picked up a great momentum that I still experience today!

Ivan Mucic, Painter & Decorator, Ivanhoe      read more

Heath was able to resolve my ongoing smoking addiction with nothing more than a white board and 80 minutes of his time.

Nick Petch, E-Learning Consultant, Yarraville      read more


Coaching helps all sorts of people with their life.Agent of Change Life Coach Melbourne is for people who…

  • Want to make a change and get results
  • Need support and personal guidance
  • Are searching for more out of life
  • Want to experience their full potential
  • Have tried ‘everything’ and don’t know where to turn
  • Are searching for fulfilment
  • Feel something isn’t quite right in life
  • Are ready for the NEXT LEVEL
  • Note: People of all ages, backgrounds and professions benefit greatly from Agent of Change Life Coach Melbourne.






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I have experienced more mental and physical transformation over the few weeks following our sessions than I have over the past few years. A life-changing experience! Heath’s life coaching was perfect, he truly is an Agent of Change.

Jo Penny, Insurance Broker, Point Cook      read more

Heath Myers completely transformed my life in the short space of 6 weeks. If it’s results that you’re after, Heath is your man.

Harpal Dhillon, Medical Student, Epping      read more


Are you ready to create a strategy to be your best

and live the life you desire, deserve and are truly capable of?

Book your FREE Results Roadmap™ Coaching Strategy Session

This 30 minute 1:1 coaching call will allow you to ask all the questions you need to find out how coaching works. You will also receive a solid strategic plan for making positive change and getting great results.

For a long time there was something subconsciously holding me back from achieving everything I knew I was capable of, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Heath was able to address my issues, the blockages in my past and my subconscious fears around success and failure. Somehow he drew all of these fears out and helped me address them one by one. A few weeks later I was off and running and I haven’t stopped since. Thank you Heath.

Sharon Knighton, Business Owner, Carnegie
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Is there something stopping you from taking the first step with a Life Coach?

Let me help you with this…

“I can’t afford it.”

  • The FREE Life Coaching Strategy Session is as it says “FREE”.
  • Its also obligation free – my gift to you.
  • If you decide to go forward with paid coaching I offer payment plans, discount packages and concession rates.
  • Remember YOU are your most valuable investment in life.
  • If you need and want coaching, talk to me and we’ll find a way.

“It’s too expensive.”

  • Compared to what?
  • You getting the results you deserve is priceless.
  • The real cost of not changing is much more than just money. You already know that.

“I don’t have time.” / “The time is not right.”

  • The Life Coaching Strategy Session is only 45 minutes.
  • How much longer can you wait?
  • Imagine a year from now and nothing’s changed. How will that feel?
  • Honestly, when is it ever the right time to commit to making a change? It’s something you make time for.

“It won’t work for me.” / “It’s too difficult?”

  • That’s your BLOCK speaking right there!
  • This suggests even more reason to discover how easy it can be when you commit to your results.
  • And remember, engaging a life coach is a learning journey, so it will always seem like it was easy once it’s done.

“I’m not sure if you can get me my result Heath.”

  • If I don’t think I can help you or we’re not the right fit, I won’t take you on.
  • While my track record is exemplary it’s kind of beside the point, because it’s YOU who will be making the change, not me.
  • I know from experience as a life coach that turning up and participating is 51% of the work, that’s why I offer a money back guarantee at 49% of the dollar value.


So when would you like to make a strategy for change and get great results?

Book your FREE Results Roadmap™ Coaching Strategy Session

This 30 minute 1:1 coaching call will allow you to ask all the questions you need to find out how coaching works. You will also receive a solid strategic plan for making positive change and getting great results.

Though initially really not knowing what to expect, and being a little skeptical, I was soon convinced that Heaths methods would work for me. With Heaths guidance, I have released and unloaded early life decisions that were binding me to repeat past experiences, and I now feel free to consciously choose a whole new future. The results I’ve been rewarded with are an understanding and a clarity that will enrich the rest of my life.

Michael Impey, Data Analyst, Glen Huntly
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Agent of Change Services also include:

Skype sessions available for interstate and overseas clients.