Meet Heath Myers

Heath Myers, Agent of Change - NLP Melbourne - Life Coaching Melbourne - Executive Coaching Mlebourne

Heath Myers, Agent of Change – NLP Melbourne – Life Coaching Melbourne – Executive Coaching Mlebourne

My name is Heath Myers and I’m an Agent of Change.

I’m a professional and highly experienced life coach, nlp practitionerexecutive coach and program facilitator with over 13 years experience teaching, studying and practicing a variety of advanced personal and professional development. I service people from all levels in the community.

What I Offer

I offer outcomes focused coaching, specifically for those who are really serious about getting great results.

I assist people to close the gap from where they are to where they want be. When we work together I’ll introduce you to new ways of thinking and feeling by bringing a higher level of consciousness, perspective and understanding to your current situation. This then allows you to release the patterning that’s holding you back, make more empowered choices, align with your true potential and make the changes necessary to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

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My Role and Purpose

My role and purpose is to facilitate change by leading, empowering and inspiring people to experience their unlimited potential personally and professionally. I am a witness to, and a participant in, the transformation that takes place in that process. My approach is grounded, real, honest and fun.

My Experience

I have thousands of hours of practitioner and facilitation experience in holistic, corporate, educational and community-service forums.

I’ve coached and trained people of all ages for a range of issues including mental health disorders, drugs and alcohol, family challenges, mindset and motivation, confidence building, relationships, career counselling, emotional intelligence, breaking addictions, traumatic memories, influencing skills, sexuality issues, goal setting, time management, leadership and roles, values and life purpose, strength building, spiritual development and relationship break-ups just to name a few. Over the last 3 years I have also coached and trained for executive clients from leading organisations including ANZ, NAB, BP, ME Bank, PWC,  Superpartners, Ericsson, RACV, Worksafe Victoria, Federation Centres, Melbourne City Council, Greater City of Dandenong, Hume City Council and more.

My Measurement of Success

You know you’ve changed when you experience the real-life results you desire and can notice what’s positively different in your mind, body and emotions – that’s my measurement for success. I look forward to assisting you to successfully make those changes and live the life you deserve. I also look forward to sharing some great tools, processes, models and personal insights that you’ll have for a lifetime.

Find out how I can help you experience the results that you want and what’s more, deserve.

Heath Myers, Agent of Change

Life Coaching MelbourneNLP Melbourne and Executive Coaching Melbourne

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Agent of Change Services Include:

Skype Sessions available for interstate and overseas clients.


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