Life Coaching Money Back Guarantee

Signing up, turning up and participating in your coaching is 51% of the work, that’s why I offer a money back guarantee at 49% of the dollar value if you feel you have not achieved a positive result from Agent of Change Life Coaching.

Like all self-development, in order to test its validity you must take responsibility yourself for getting the most value possible.

To be eligible to claim your money back for any reason you need to have:

  • Completed your enrolment agreement and pre-coaching materials before your first session
  • Been present and on time for all of your booked sessions
  • Completed all of the agreed/negotiated sessions in your package (and no less)
  • Requested no cancellations of any of your booked sessions
  • Had no longer than 28 days break between any of your sessions
  • Engaged in all activities in the coaching sessions to the best of your ability
  • Performed all of the home-play actions and tasks set by Agent of Change specifically as requested and evidenced their completion
  • Utilised the on-line resources provided to you as prescribed
  • Engaged in the phone support outside of your coaching sessions at least three times
  • Engaged in email support outside of your coaching sessions at least three times

Please note:

  • Application for refund can only be made via this website’s contact form
  • You may only request a refund once you have paid for your sessions in full
  • You are permitted to request a refund 28 days after the last day of your coaching (and not before) so as to let the experience settle and integrate
  • You cannot claim your refund later than 42 days after the last day of coaching
  • Your application for a refund will be approved within 7 days of your refund request (if you pass the above conditions)
  • If you pass the above conditions the refunded amount will be issued within 14 days after it is approved via direct deposit only, into your nominated bank account
  • If you are refunded for your sessions any tax invoices or receipts will be considered void

If you have any questions contact Agent of Change now.