Inner Essence Payment Plan Trading Terms Agreement

The following is a payment plan agreement between yourself and AOC (Heath Myers / Agent of Change) for Inner Essence 8 Week Personal Awakening & Embodiment Program Level 1, commencing Monday Nov 2nd 2015. These terms are to be accepted in addition to the program’s Enrolment and Services Agreement provided in the Induction Pack. Please make sure you also fill out the Enrolment and Services Agreement Form.

If you have any questions please contact Heath Myers at your earliest convenience on 0409 966 090.

1. Total Amount Owing

You have opted for a payment plan subscription with the total price/amount owing being $660 including GST.

2. Agreed Payment Plan Payment Schedule

To qualify for and commence this Inner Essence Payment Plan Subscription you must have already provided Agent of Change with a $100 deposit at the Inner Essence Free Practice Foundations Seminar. You now have 8 payments of $70 remaining. The 8 payments are due on every Monday commencing Monday November 2nd 2015 to Monday December 21st 2015.

3. Agreed Payment Method

All Inner Essence Payment Plan Subscription payments are to be direct debited from your nominated bank account/credit card/debit card via Ezidebit. By subscribing for an Inner Essence Payment Plan, you agree to allow Ezidebit to automatically deduct 8 payments as per the above mentioned payment schedule on behalf of AOC.

You will receive payment reminder texts before the payments are deducted.

You agree for Ezidebit to redebit you if your bank account has insufficient funds at the nominated time of direct debiting. You understand that this carries with it a ‘dishonour fee’ of $2.75.

Please note:

  • Ezidebit ‘administration fees’ and ‘direct debit bank account’ fees will be paid by AOC
  • Ezidebit ‘dishonour fees’ and ‘redebit fees’ will be charged to you
  • Credit/Debit Card payments incur the following added fees charged to you: Visa/Mastercard 2.2% | AMEX/Diners 4.4%

4. Supply of Payment Receipts

Your payment will be visible in your bank account statements from AGENT OF CHANGE. If you require a total tax invoice/receipt at the end of the program please let AOC know and he will provide you with one when full payment is complete.

5. Refunds, Cancellations and Commitment to Pay

Any and all refunds and cancellations for payment plan attendees are covered specifically by the Money Back Guarantee terms and the Cancellation Policy terms in the Inner Essence Enrolment and Services Agreement.

By subscribing for the Inner Essence Payment Plan you agree to pay the full payment plan amount of $660 regardless of how many program sessions you attend.

By accepting this payment plan subscription you also accept to permit AOC to hold you accountable to fulfilling the outstanding amount of $660 in full.

Please note:

  • If you wish to re-negotiate any of the terms in this agreement you may only do so by phone/face-to-face conversation. All payment plan re-negotiations are considered only in extreme circumstances and without guarantee of acceptance. If they are accepted by AOC a new set of terms will be drawn and supplied for your agreement via email.
  • If payment is not honoured within 28 days of the program completion date (or the re-negotiated due date) and you have not made contact to negotiate further with AOC, it may be necessary to place the outstanding debt in the hands of a debt recovery agency. In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.