Inner Essence Level 1 Results Activity

Now that you are enrolled it’s time to set yourself up for results with focused INTENTION!

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The next exciting step is integral to Phase 1 of your “Personal Awakening”. It is highly recommended that you complete this activity before the first evening session.

This fun and enlightening activity is designed to assist you in the process of refining and defining your intended results for engaging in the Inner Essence Program and adopting the Inner Essence Practice.

Please put aside at least 60 minutes to complete this NLP styled activity.

Make sure you are in a relaxed, focused state to complete it all in one sitting, as you cannot save your progress.

It is recommended not to refresh your page or go back at any point or you may lose your information.

When complete you will receive an email within which your activity information will be contained. That way you can refer back to the information, or add to it, and evolve your intention as the program progresses.

Please enjoy this activity 🙂

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Agent of Change – Melbourne

Inner Essence Level 1 Results Activity

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  • How young are you? In years 🙂
  • Section 1 - Personal Intention Setting: Intention is everything. Your intent directly models your experience. Inner Essence is about getting 'real-life' results from your practice. To make results tangible it's best to know “what” it is that you want, it's also best to consider “how” specifically you will know when you have it. Getting results requires training your awareness to notice the results.

  • 1 means, "Not at all ready". 10 means, "Totally ready - bring it on!"
  • 1 means, "Not committed at all". 10 means, "Totally committed!".
  • This is an interesting observation. Please be really honest with yourself. There is no need to change your answer in Q10.

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