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In business you must constantly be ready for change. Your ability to respond to the need for personal change is what gives you ‘the edge’ and makes you a key player in the overall success of your role, your team and your organisation.

Organisations are dynamic systems of people excelling towards a common purpose to reach their highest collective potential. How you take up your role has a direct effect on the organisations ability to achieve that purpose.

For this reason your behaviour and your relationship with yourself and others is of great importance. Your physical, emotional and mental state must be balanced and conducive to results.

Heath Myers, Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is results focused consultation for enhancing your mindset and behaviour. The outcome is a new way of thinking, feeling and leading, enabling you to realise your potential, create new opportunities and optimise your professional performance.

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Make the Changeshutterstock_233268913

The more you realise the power of your personal choice and decisiveness, and expand the limits of your perceived potential, the more you can make the changes necessary to drive results, gain recognition, build meaningful relationships and increase your effectiveness.

You are always more capable and resourceful than you think. Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is innovative work to help you experience the change necessary to boost your performance.

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You and your team members have multi-faceted lives, continually balancing ‘work’ and ‘life’. You can sometimes experience a range of issues external to the workplace that have a direct effect on your results. Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne has great experience in assisting with a diverse range of personal life challenges and building enhanced inspiration, motivation and confidence in order to get you and your people back to peak performance.

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Results Focused Coaching  – Receive Excellent ROI

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is for professionals who are ready to actively participate in improving their performance and their life through engaging in effective processes of behavioural change and developing emotional intelligence.

You know you’ve changed when you experience real results. 

  • Enhance capability, effectiveness & efficiency
  • Develop high performing talent and ‘up-and-coming’ potentialshutterstock_218199715
  • Build high performing teams
  • Breed flexible, inspiring and adaptive leaders
  • Increase engagement and ‘buy-in’ with stakeholders, reports and peers
  • Increase confidence, motivation and energy
  • Address derailing behaviours
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Release limiting mindsets that separate you from your potential
  • Build and promote empowering mindsets
  • Develop excellent emotional intelligence
  • Experience graceful role transition and organisational change
  • Achieve goals & KPIs
  • Develop you and your team members as ‘whole people”
  • Aligned awareness with opportunities & solutions

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is perfect for…shutterstock_210136324

  • Individuals, teams and organisations who require assistance and professional subjective consultancy
  • Leaders, executives and employees at all levels
  • Business people who wish to enhance specific skill sets e.g. influencing, presentation, public speaking, sales, team leadership etc
  • Professionals who are serious about results


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