Heath MicHeath Myers has a diverse background in coaching, leadership facilitation, teaching, speaking, transformational therapies, performing arts and events. He is motivated to present personal and professional development programs that connect, awaken and inspire the community.

Previous personal development programs include Transformation Weekend (2009 and 2010), Tools For Self Empowerment (2009 to 2011), Day of Abundance (2010) and the Coalessence audio visual group meditation series (2011).

Working alongside Juno Consulting Heath has assisted in the progression and presentation of professional development programs including Business Community Mentoring (BCM), Adaptive Leadership and Thought Leaders (Corporate NLP Accreditation Program)

In 2012 Agent of Change launched the Inner Essence 8 week Personal Awakening & Embodiment Program and within just two terms Heath was requested by previous graduates to develop an advanced program called Inner Essence Explored for participants who wanted to take the work even further. Now having run for 4 years with over 200 Level 1 & 2 graduates, the program has quickly become a well known transformational program in Melbourne.

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