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Agent of Change at Eclipse 2012 Festival

Every now and then an Eclipse comes along and what a special occasion it is to have one gracing our shores on November 14th, blessing our region of the world with its transformative energies.

With eclipses come celebrations and this year there is a number of festivals occurring along the eclipse line, perhaps the most notable being the Eclipse 2012 Festival just outside of Cairns from November 10th – 16th. A collaborative effort of festival organisers from all over the globe including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Symbiosis, Psychlone, Glade and Mosaic Vision, it promises to be an arts and lifestyle spectacle.

I’m really honoured to have been asked to present there on Monday November 12th and as well perform on the Sky Stage.

This special celestial occasion, culminating with my own personal observation of current collective evolution and realisation, has prompted me to speak about Self Acceptance.

Please read on for my presentation introduction.


Self-Acceptance: Say “Yes” to Your Self

A profound, blissful and empowering group journey with Heath Myers, Agent of Change (Melbourne)

Each and every one of us is searching for resolve, yearning to be understood and desiring to be accepted.

Deep within our emotional body we experience the sensation of Spirit surfacing as feelings that we choose to acknowledge as either fear or love. This is our experience of Self, however, we do not always choose to accept it. We have been taught to resist ourselves, to shy away from pleasure, to push away our pain and in doing so, have chosen to deny our physical experience and the nature of our True Self.

Our true nature is resolve, wholeness, perfection, potential and joy, and our emotions are a vehicle through which to experience this. Journey with transformational speaker and holistic practitioner, Heath Myers, as he leads a powerful, heart opening presentation and group meditation into truly meeting yourself in bliss, simply by saying “Yes” to all that you are.


If you’re going I would love to see you there.

However rather than reserving my presentation for just the festival crowd I would like to share it with you over the following series of blogs aptly named, “Just Say Yes!”

Click read and read Part 1:  Say “Yes” to Your Self

Agent Heath


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