Agent of Newness

Welcome to the new and improved Agent of Change website.

Yes that’s right I embraced some Change myself.

It’s early days for my new approach, however powered by the inspirational energy and motivation of pure intent, I have every faith that this will become an even bigger and ever expanding creative vortex in no time at all.

In the moment (and let’s face it that’s all there is) it is a very basic informational site…BUT…the future moment vision is for enhanced interactivity, blogs and discussions, video content and downloads of FREE meditations plus some premier motivational guided audio journeys for sale a little down the track.

Who knows where this will go?

It’s the not knowing that makes the journey so exciting, opening to new possibilities and embarking on ventures of Newness.

Mmm…my good friend Newness. One of the greatest aspects of Change is that there is always something New.

Change = Newness = Possibility = Opportunity

More than anything the new site allows for greater accessibility, flexibility and content management for me, which means you’re going to have to get used to my pearls of Love, Power and Wisdom showing up from time to time. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious but all coming from a place of Presence and alignment with Purpose.

I really hope you enjoy it.

It feels great to have re-birthed this baby just inside the last knockings of 2011. This has been bouncing around my consciousness since the beginning of 2011. What a year by the way! Bring on 2012 I say.

All this and more to come soon. So feel free to float around and surf at will the newly presented Agent of Change website.

Love, Blessings, Christmas and New Year good-times to you all,

Agent Heath

PS: Massive thanks to Sensei Ajax from BrellaBee Easy Websites for such a sterling job and truly amazing support.

I highly recommend supporting the small guy who wants to be a big guy and lives local, you should too.


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