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2012? It’s up to you…

2012 has been a big year indeed for most people.

As we apporach the end of this tranformational year it is worth reflecting upon the circumstances, relationships and learnings that have shaped us.

What events and challenges have defined your life this year and what growth have you gained as a result?

As you observe how much you have grown and the path you have taken you bring yourself to the Now, a good place to be. Here and Now you have the opportunity to assess where you are going, apply forsight, make plans to meet future needs and perhaps even change direction. Now is the point of choice, a place from where all good decisions are made, decisions empowered by options. The more options the better.

It is my intention with this email to provide an option for next year, the option to personally awaken further to your true potential with the Agent of Change Inner Essence Personal Awakening Program.

Agent Heath



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