2012 a Year of Propulsion

Welcome to 2012. We made it!

Whether you believe in the myriad of stories about 2012 as a significant year of change or the shift of ages, you cannot deny that there is so much collective focus around this time as a period of profound transformation and opportunity, that all that consciouness and desire is more than likely to manifest something amazingly rewarding for us all either way. It can’t not!

I don’t subscribe to the fear driven catastrophe consciousness of mainstream media and Hollywood fads but I am always attracted to a large field of consciousness that presents potential opportunity for collective betterment and accelerated evolution. That’s a ‘thought field’ I feel we can really benefit from.

Very simply, where our attention goes, energy flows and we create our world. If enough of us think something is so then it becomes so. If that something is seriously positive for humanity then its an absolute bonus for us all.

All of this collective positive attention on 2012 as a time of change would suggest that we potentially have a window of opportunity to make this year a significant and rewarding year for ourselves on a practical and individual level, very easily.

Perhaps now is a great time to just align with our hearts true intentions, connect with the feeling of what we really desire to experience individually and collectively, and then let go and strap in for the ride.


Agent Heath


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